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Over 27 Years Improving Process Profitability
Company Profile
Since 1996, IntelliOpt has delivered proven Advanced Process Control & Optimization solutions to over 80 refining and chemical sites worldwide (Brochure). Our solutions typically increase:

• Production capacity by 2% to 5%
• Reduce energy consumption by 4% to 10%
• Improve quality control -- 30% to 50% reduction in Standard Deviation, and
• Assist operators in process monitoring and control

Our low cost multivariable predictive control, expert systems, and neural network based solutions and core software packages include:
• Multivariable Predictive Control (GMAXC™)
• Global Optimizer for RTO (G-OPT)
• Multivariable Fuzzy Logic (Z-Way™)
• Alarm Management (DEA™)
and are delivered by a global network of independent specialists, assuring the highest value at the lowest cost.

IntelliOpt has and can develop unique proven automation solutions by using a best mix of technologies to overcome limitations of single technologies:
• Domain of mathematical models, and
• The near (but, not always global) optimization of heuristics.

News/About Us

Publication: ASTM Manual 58, Chapter 15, Modern Computer Process Control Refining Units

• Over 24 Years Improving Process Profitability and Delivering Advanced Process Control Solutions WorldWide:

IntelliOpt's experience base includes APC/MVPC of many diverse chemical and petrochemical plants

• Our solutions deliver high service factor working applications with the intent of developing a long-term mutually beneficially relationship with the client

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